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Neon and Traditional Candy Floss Carts

At Mini Melts Events, our Candy Floss Carts bring a delightful burst of sweetness to any occasion. We offer two types of carts to suit your event's theme and style: the vibrant Neon Candy Floss Cart and the charming Traditional Candy Floss Cart. Both options promise to add a fun, interactive element that your guests will love.

Our Neon Candy Floss Cart is perfect for those looking to add a modern and exciting twist to their event. With its bright, colorful lights and sleek design, it creates an eye-catching attraction that draws guests in. The neon lights illuminate the fluffy candy floss as it’s spun before your guests' eyes, creating a mesmerising visual display that’s perfect for evening events, product launches, or any celebration looking for that extra sparkle.

For those who prefer a classic touch, our Traditional Candy Floss Cart offers timeless charm. Its nostalgic design and vintage appeal make it a perfect addition to weddings, county fairs, and more traditional gatherings. The sight of fluffy, pastel-coloured candy floss being spun by our friendly staff will transport your guests back to simpler times, adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to your event.

Whichever cart you choose, Mini Melts Events ensures that each candy floss experience is tailored to delight and entertain. Our professional team handles all the details, from setup to serving, so you can relax and enjoy the event. With a range of flavours and colours available, our candy floss carts are sure to be a sweet highlight that guests of all ages will remember fondly.

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